Urban Equatorial Funk

First class exponents of the soukous style of music, Kasai Masai aren’t known for doing things by halves.

Based in London, and led by Voodoo King, Nickens Nkoso, Kasai Masai mix the traditional sound of the equatorial African village with a distinctive urban edge. The band’s fast-paced style of soukous and rumba meld with Congolese folkloric traditions to create an infectious form of dance music.

From the plains to the soaring heights, theirs is a sound that will transport you to a land where music is more than just entertainment, they will take you to a place where it is a way of life.  

Breaking News: Kasai Masai’ New Album, Sunshine Music, is now available online: Sunshine Music

You can hear the album on all the usual channels: Spotify, Amazon, iTunes etc.

Sunshine Music. The new album from Kasai Masai.

Sunshine Music. The new album from Kasai Masai.