Nicken Nkoso - lead singer, percussionist, dancer

Based in London and led by Voodoo King Nickens Nkoso, Kasaļ Masaļ brings us the Traditional Sound of the most remote equatorial villages with a Urban Twist.

The band is a 5 piece outfit, consisting of d'jembe, guitar, saxophone, bass and drum.  To add that extra exotic touch they are also joined occasionally by a balafon player, a MC and one or two female dancers!

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"...Kasaļ Masaļ successfully marry a respect for vintage grooves with an overwhelming urge to move the dance floor. This is the sound of the old and the new, of the countryside and the city, from deep in the heart of Africa..."  
Nige Tassell - Reading Womad Festival.

Named after a river, Kasai lies in the heart of the rain forest where many tribes such as the Pygmies still maintain their traditional lifestyles. The Masai, just  like the Baka, are another dignified tribe whose lives still centre around a     nomadic existence.

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