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Drumming & Dancing Workshops from 7 to 77
with Nickens Nkoso

Drumming: Not only that drumming will keep you fit, it is also a great teambuilding exercise. It is ideal for people to learn how to work together in harmony. With Nickens you will learn the call-and-response basics alongside exciting rythms from Central Africa.

Dancing: Not Do you feel a bit tense when it comes to moving your hips? Then

Nickens' workshops are ideal for you. Learn the steps which are shaking the

whole of Africa's derrières".


About the teacher: Born in Congo, Nickens has built his reputation as the king of

Soukous Dance and Congolese Rumba working with all main Congolese superstars.

Singer, songwriter and composer, Nickens is a fine drummer and the leader of

the well respected Central African band Kasaï Masaï. He is also a well sought after session musician in the world music circuit all over the UK and teaches d'jembe, conga, percussions and dance routines. See >> CV


To find the nearest class to you or to book Nickens for a public event or a private tuition contact Sabrina. Nickens is also available for School or Corporate workshops.